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Ahhh, the Florida Keys! A place where everyone wants to go at one point in their life. This blog is about vacationing in the Florida Keys, basking in the sunshine and how you can get there too. Continue reading

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Key West Restaurant Card

Worried that when you go to the Keys you will spend too much money dining out? If so, I have some good news for you! The same company that sells the  Key West Bar Card has come out with yet another genius idea, The Key West Restaurant Card!

The holder of this card is entitled to 10% off every meal when using the Key West Restaurant Card. Use it for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! All in one day and every subsequent day of your vacation! Can you imagine the fortune you can save by using this card! The price……$20 per card. Continue reading

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What’s Happening in April in Key West?

What’s going on in April in Key West and the rest of the Keys? Well, for starters, if you love to run, join in on the 19th annual Earth Day 5K run. On April 16th, if you are in Key West you can be rewarded with recyclable earth-friendly gifts and awards if you are the top male or female first or second place runner in your age group. The groups range from age 9 all the way up to age 70 and then some. The awards are plentiful though because if you are a walker, and I don’t mean from the Walking Dead walker, you can also be rewarded with some additional gifts for being a top walker. If you are up by 8AM in this town, check out Atlantic Blvd and White Street to join in on the fun.

Do you love art? Visit the local artists at the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Gardens from 10AM to 4PM with a live opening reception on April 23rd from 12 until 2. There you can meet all the artists and take a self-guided tour while enjoying some light snacks. As always, the entrance fee is free, although if I recall they did keep out a donation box, which is easy to donate after you see the Gardens and realize how much it takes to upkeep the place. That was this writer’s opinion. I enjoyed it immensely and didn’t mind donating a few. Continue reading

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The Relics of the Florida Keys

"caribbean club"

I’ve heard it said that to get the real feel of the Florida Keys, you have to experience the local jaunts, the hidden places where the true Florida Keys exist. I’ve decided to explore some of the old relics, or should I say those places that have been around since the 50’s and 60’s and earlier and see just what it’s all about. Continue reading

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Hotels in Florida Keys – Pet friendly

"our dog Rowdy"

I’ve got two dogs at home, Chopper, who is a cute little dark haired heinz 57 mutt and Black Wind von Rowdy, a gorgeous German Shepherd who acts like one of our kids. (You can see him sitting on the picnic table above looking like he is all that and more!) I love dogs! I am not crazy about taking them along on vacation but I do understand that some people do love to and that can cause a problem for those who do chose to or have to take their pets on vacation. So I’ve searched for some pet friendly hotels in florida Keys so that you are able to take your favorite pet along if you decide to.

In Key West, just a short walk from Duval Street, is a pet friendly hotel in Florida Keys called the Ambrosia. It is a bed and breakfast and in 2010 the cost to take your 4 legged baby along is about $35. As times change and the years go by, that cost will increase, so you will want to check out their website first or click on the pet friendly ad here on this sight to find other hotels, motels, vacation homes and hotels in Florida Keys that are pet friendly. Continue reading

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Florida Keys Resorts – Blue Lagoon


If you are looking for affordable Florida Keys resorts, then I have to tell you about our experience at The Blue Lagoon. We weren’t sure where we were going to stay when we got into Key West, but earlier that day we ran into a bartender who suggested the Blue Lagoon. The resort is very easy to find. As you start going into Key West on Roosevelt Blvd, the resort is on the right hand side. You can’t miss the sign.

We got a room for $119 a night, quite a steal for Key West in the middle of February. Prices in Key West ranged from $169 and up. Now we had to drive into Duval Street, but you can also take a bus or shuttle if you choose to. We preferred driving as we went to a few different places during our keys vacations. This is affordable, it isn’t fancy or upscale and if you want that, you will pay upwards of $200 a night for any luxury Florida Keys Resorts. Continue reading

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Fabulous Vacations in the Heart of The Florida Keys

In the heart of the Florida Keys lies Marathon, a ten mile long community that is mostly family oriented and it’s roots reflect the old fishing lifestyle that you may call old keys. If you want a fabulous vacation, a trip to the center of the chain of keys may be what you are looking for.

Marathon maintains a simple lifestyle and shows itself by their annual seafood festivals which is something you don’t want to miss. This is the third largest event in the keys. I’m getting hungry for seafood just watching the video below:

Continue reading

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Key West Florida– Biker Bar

Attention all you bikers out there, if you are in Key West you have to stop by the Hog’s Breath Saloon! Even if you’re not a biker, stop in anyway at this outdoor bar on Front Street. The first video is of the bike’s and at that moment we really hated that we left ours behind.

Continue reading

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Keys Vacations – A guide to vacationing in the Florida Keys

Key West logo

There are so many websites about the perfect Keys Vacations with loads of information that you may find valuable for your next trip. But we’ve been there firsthand.  In February of 2010 my husband and I decided to take a much needed two week vacation. We live in Pennsylvania, and it was cold, damp and dreary with no signs of the cold weather letting up. Continue reading

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Florida Keys Travel Safety Tips

I wanted to give you some tips on travel safety when you are in the Florida Keys. Where to go if you get hurt and you need a hospital or how to contact the police if need be. Traveling to another area can be just a horrendous experience if you don’t know who to contact in an emergency. I know there is 911 that you can call, but if you prepare yourself for the worst, the worst usually never happens. Better to be safe than sorry is what I always say.

There are 3 hospitals throughout the Keys. In the Upper Keys is the Mariner’s Hospital. It is at Mile Marker 91.5 in Tavernier. The phone number for the Mariner’s is 305-434-3000. Continue reading

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Famous Bars On Duval Street

"Willie T's"

I already told you about the most well known bar in Key West, which is of course Margaritaville. In this post, I’ll mention a few other bars that you will want to stop and check out perhaps while doing the “duval crawl” in your travels to the Keys. Continue reading

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