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Florida’a No Name Key

About 30 miles from Key West is a small island in the Florida Keys called No Name Key. If you are on Big Pine Key you can get to No Name via a wide, concrete bridge. The bridge is actually a pretty popular fishing spot because it has wide pedestrian lanes on each side. But this tiny island gets lots of visitors and the reason why is to see the Key Deer whose home is on this 998 acre island.

Funny thing is 820 acres are protected because this is the home of the National Key Deer Refuge. Yet people do live here, there are about 43 homes currently and visitors and residents alike like to hike through the refuge or kayak around the island. Continue reading

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The Keys – Luxury Camping

I had done a post about camping in the Keys awhile back, but so many people have asked me specific questions on what type of campgrounds there are along the Overseas Highway. So I decided to dig a little bit and provide my readers with details on different types of camping in the Florida Keys. Today we are going to discuss some luxury camping.

I believe that Bluewater Key Resort is one of the most luxurious campgrounds in the Keys. The lots are all actually owned by various people, millionaires included and when the owners are not using the lots, they will rent them out. Continue reading

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Key West Fl Bar Card

George Murphy came up with this really great concept for a Key West Bar Card that I found out about after I came back from the Keys!

The Key West Bar Card is one of the best deals I’ve seen so far in Key West. What it does is entitles the card bearer to a 2 for 1 cocktail each day at some of the best bars in Key West Fl. Every time you visit one of the bars mentioned on the list you will get 2 drinks for the price of one. Think about the money you are saving!

For example, you decide to purchase a bar card for you and your spouse. After breakfast you stop in at one of the bars listed. Order a drink, enjoy and then whip out your bar card and have another one FREE! Cha-ching! You just saved yourself some money! Continue reading

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