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Fl Keys – Things to do on a rainy day in Key West

Even on a rainy, drab day the waters were beautiful, at least in our eyes.Everywhere we looked in the Fl Keys seemed to be rainy and dreary but that didn’t stop us from going out and about to enjoy the town of Key West. The crowds had thinned down a bit which made it better for us to enjoy our first day in town.

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Key West Florida- FREE Cemetery Tour

At the foot of the Solares Hill in Key West Florida is a cemetery that you have to stop and tour. The cost: FREE! If you are out walking and looking for things to do that don’t cost a fortune, this is a great place to take a look at the people that have made Key West the city it is today. 27 acres are delegated for the Cemetery and it is estimated there are 100,00 people there. There are many graves that date back to the 1800′s. Some are weathered and broken but many are quite interesting to read. The newer graves are put in vaults as there is no room left underground. 300px Keywestcemetery5 Key West Florida  FREE Cemetery Tour

Some very interesting people are buried there, like Sophronia Bradley Hall (1880-1945) Sophronia’s husband was a warden that protected the endangered birds in the Everglades from being slaughtered. Poachers killed him in 1905 and that started a conservation movement. Continue reading

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Key West Gay Places to Stay

I usually don’t include information about Gay/Lesbian lifestyles on my blogs or in my writing as I am not familiar with this type of living but the reason I want to bring it to your attention is because if you go to Key West you may be looking for places to stay that accommondate Gays. Or, you may not and decide to stay away from any hotels or Bed and Breakfasts that do so. Whatever your choice I thought I would make you aware of the gay hotels and housing in Key West.

Mermaid and the Alligator Truman Ave in the Center of town. It is a bed and breakfast which is elegant and private.

Oasis Guesthouse
is an all male guest house on Flemming Street. Continue reading

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