I’m sure there are a million questions that you are wondering about before you even consider taking a trip to your Keys Vacations. So I tried to compile a FAQ list of some popular questions that you may have, like what is the weather like? I’ll add more as I think of them.

Fahrenheit Celsius
January 75 65 24 18
February 76 66 24 19
March 79 69 26 21
April 82 72 28 22
May 85 76 29 24
June 88 79 31 26
July 89 80 32 27
August 90 79 32 26
September 88 79 31 26
October 85 76 29 24
November 81 72 27 22
December 77 67 25 19
Temperature averages based on data collected at Key West Airport.

Is it true the Beaches are not very nice?

The beaches in the Florida Keys are not gleaming white. The offshore reef eliminates the surf action that normally carries in sand to the shore. The Florida Keys shores are sharp with coral shards making them unglamorous to say the least.

Is there any Beach in the Keys worth going to?
Yes, you may want to try the Bahia Honda State Park, where it is said to have one of the most beautiful beaches around. Also, the Long Key State Park.

Can I fly into the Keys?
Yes, you can! There are only two airports in the Keys, one is in Key West and the other one is in Marathon, which is in the middle Keys around mm50.

What is the best time of year to go to the Keys?

That depends on you! The most POPULAR time of year is from December to May as a lot of people in the cold areas of the States and of other Countries find solace in the warm , tropical climate of the Keys.

If you want to know the most affordable time of year to go on your Keys Vacations, that would be in March, September, October or November. The rates are lower than any other season. Also, if you don’t mind the humidity and daily rainfall from June to October is where the rewards are much more as the crowds are fewer and the hotels reduce their rates.

I don’t want to be there during Hurricane Season. When is that?

Jun through October is the hurricane season, but don’t worry because the National Weather Service has gotten very good at tracking the storms and they give plenty of warning if there is an evacuation. Don’t stress, you can enjoy your Keys Vacations any time of the year, it just depends when you are willing to go.

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