Florida Keys – Here comes the bride

by Terri | June 2nd, 2011

If you are thinking of getting married in the Florida Keys, there are a bunch of wedding planners who will help you make your dream come true! I have seen photos of beach weddings and they are absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to get married again! Doubt hubby would agree to that! You will probably want to work with a wedding planner as they can help you to find a beach to get married on, a hotel to stay at that carries wedding packages. Just google in wedding planners in the Florida keys and you will not have any problem finding help as there are a lot for the Florida Keys!

But if you just want to make plans yourself then here are a few tips that I found out from those who went to Key West to get married.

To get a marriage license in Key West, you need to go to the Monroe County Courthouse to apply. It will cost you about 93 dollars and you need to show photo ID and if either of you were married before you will need to know the exact date the other marriage ended. You can have this done in about 15 minutes!

If you are on a budget, google barefoot weddings. I also included a link here for you to check out some fantastic wedding deals on wedding apparel. They are giving up to 40% off and they usually ship free. It is an online store but the savings are incredible. I saw some really pretty gowns perfect for a beach wedding for under $250.

Designer Wedding Dresses ship FREE - 0% sales tax!

If you want to get married in a historic home, I know the Hemingway home does host weddings. Or, you can just get a notary and for a nominal fee they will do a quick beach side ceremony or right in their office. You can also get married on a yacht or on one of the cruises and they can acommondate around 60 guests. They are harder to book so if you want to get married out at sea, plan ahead for that.

Whatever you decide, it can be found in the Florida Keys!

The perfect Honeymoon hotel

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