Florida Keys Vacation – Shipwreck Museum Tower

by Terri | August 3rd, 2010

keg of booze

There was so much to see on our Florida Keys Vacation that I thought I would continue telling you about the Shipwreck Museum. When you go inside and take a look at all the booty like silver, old bottles, ropes, old diving gear and so much more, you can’t believe the things that would be in a ship. This was my hubby’s favorite item and I”m sure it was many a man’s back in the 1800′s.

Here is a short video on some diving gear from back in the old days,

Can you imagine wearing that! After we browsed around for awhile checking out all the booty, we headed up the steps to the outside tower. This was exciting even though our Florida keys Vaction was turning out to be another rainy day. But, hey, it was still a sight to see as you’ll see in the next videos of the harbor. Now again, I must tell you that I am not an expert on filming and probably a producer would shudder at my videos but this will at least give you a feel for what to expect on your Florida Keys Vacation, right?

Here we are heading up the tower:

Told you, no Hollywood producer here! So we got about 1/2 way up and you’ll see how windy it sounds but you get a nice look at the beautiful ocean. There is an island setting out on the reefs and if I ever find out what it is and WHO lives there, I’ll let you know.

Now here we are at the top of the tower! It was quite a walk up there. I believe the tower is about 65′ up and I tried to get some footage but it was a bit rainy that day. Hope you are enjoying the trip up the tower.

That’s it for now for our Florida Keys Vacation. See you next time!

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