Florida – Dolphin Research Center

Before I tell you all about the Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys, I’ll show you instead a video that one of the volunteers made. This video is not all glamor but shows you exactly what you will encounter when you stop there to see the Dolphins. It will run about 3 minutes so sit back and enjoy these gorgeous fish.

Thank you to Jeffrey, my new you tube friend from the Netherlands. He was kind enough to allow me permission to show his video here on my blog. Jeffrey, is a young man who volunteered at the Dolphin Research Center in the Keys in the summer of 2009. His greatest wish is to become a trainer. I am sure he will as his passion for dolphins and whales is tremendous.

When you get to the Keys, you will want to stop in Marathon to check out the DRC, or Dolphin Research Center, a non-profit research and education facility. The dolphins are called Atlantic bottlenose and they also have California Sea Lions. They also rescue and rehabilitate mammals in distress, including whales.

Swim with the dolphins or just watch these beautiful creatures, whatever you decide you will walk away with a whole new love for them.

If you decide you want to go when in your in Florida, here’s a link to get a coupon that will save you $3.00 off admission…..admission coupon The ad is only good until 2011, so after that you won’t be able to use it. Hope that helps you save a few dollars. You can use it for up to 6 people.

If you have the time and money, something else you can do is have an encounter with a dolphin, which could involve several different programs. You could meet a dolphin, paint with one and play with one. Or, you could be a trainer for a day, researcher for a day or take a Dolphin Dip! If you go to their website, Dolphins.org you will see the many different things you can do.

Until next time, have fun exploring the Dolphin Center…..

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