Gerd Rube – Key West’s Rock Sensation!

by Terri | June 2nd, 2011

Check this guy out! This is Gerd Rube, singer and songwriter from Schorndorf Germany who sings solo at Willie T’s and puts on a show that will blow your mind! I can’t stop watching his videos. He has a throaty, deep voice that can sing the classics like no other and his own songs are amazing! Listen to this promo video:

What do you think?

I am pretty sure that if you have any interest at all in the Florida Keys or Key West, you will have heard this song before…..

Down in the Florida Keys, this paradise was made for you and me…..Land of love is down here in the Keys…..


I won’t go into extreme detail about this singer songwriter as you can go to his website for more information. Be prepared to either read a lot of it in German or to use google translate (yes, that is what I used) as a lot of the website is in German. There is enough in English though to get a general idea.

From what I read, he spends 6 months of the year in Key West and the other six months in Germany touring. He has become very popular in the Keys and spends alot of time playing at Willie T’s which is on Duval Street. He now is a citizen of Key West and lives there when he is in the States. His amazing voice can be heard 5 days a week at Willie T’s.

Here is one of his original videos that he wrote:

Now this is one of my favorites…I just love Lynrd Skynrd, they are my all time favorite Southern Rock band and when I heard Gerd Rube singing solo, I was very impressed! You have to watch this video with 6 soldiers who just got back from overseas! They were having too much fun in Key West!

So if you are in the Keys, you must stop over at Willie T’s during the winter months and check this Rocker out!

Stop by Margaritaville!

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