Keys – Cruise ships in port

by Terri | July 28th, 2010

One thing you will find out about Key West is the abundance of things to do on land and at sea. While we were hanging out around the main streets of Key West, which is close to Mallory Square and the Westin Resort, we watched a Carnival Cruise Ship leaving port. Here’s a little bit of video from that day in the Keys:

The very first cruise ship docked in Key West in 1969, the Sunward. She would come in once a month. Then, for the next 15 or so years, they had about 266 port calls. But in 1999 there were 415 cruise ships with a total of 597,000 passengers who got to have a taste of experiencing Key West charm. In 2009, Carnival Cruises scheduled 15 port calls which brings in over $86,000 in revenue to the city of Key West. In these hard economic times, just the cruise ships alone will keep Key West alive.

There are also other charter cruises. We didn’t get to go on any but plan to the next time we’re in the Keys. There is a glass bottom boat where you can go out to the coral reefs and see the beauty that lies underneath our oceans.

There are cruises for every occasion! You can go on a sailboat, go snorkeling, or just go on a booze cruise! Most are day cruises that last a few hours for a decent price. You get booze, some offer appetizers, some offer meals, music, you name it. There’s even a luxury cruise, where you go on a week long sailing charter on a fancy yacht. I forgot to tell you about the Dolphin watch trip. It lasts about 3 hours and you can sit back and watch them or also go snorkeling.  There are a lot of private charters also if that is your preference.

Hope this gives you an idea of just how much fun you can have while you are in the Keys!

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