Keys Hotels-Sugarloaf Motel Review

So far I’ve been talking highly of all the things going on on our Keys Vacations. There was one incident which I’m going to tell you about that was not ok. Actually, I got pretty fired up at one point. I don’t mind tipping anyone but when they try to get me to double tip them, I have a problem with that.

So here is my story:

We stopped at a place called Sugarloaf Motel about 5PM one evening. It was dark and we weren’t sure how far it was to Key West, our destination. Hubby’s knees were hurting and so we didn’t mind paying a bit more for a room for the night. I pulled into Sugarloaf Key and paid $160 for the night, thinking I must be crazy to pay that amount for a Keys Hotels.

So far, things seemed pretty good. We went to our room and it was Retro, like a place from back in the day. Loved how close we were to the water. You will too, take a look:

So we headed over to the Tiki Bar, which was right near the water, had a few drinks and talked to an older couple who had just recently moved from Fort Myers. Nice people, the bartender was friendly and they had live music to enjoy. Take a look:

Seems like a friendly place for a Keys hotel, right? Well, we were getting hungry so we decided to go inside and have a bite to eat. We enjoyed the dinner, it was very good, a bit expensive but that was to be expected when you are on the road.

Seemed like a nice place to eat, right? Well, that little server came over and gave me my bill, I added a tip on it and then noticed that the amounts didn’t add up. So, I took it up to the register and the lady added it up also and we find out the little scheemer already added on a 14% tip plus the $10 I added on.

I will decide what to tip, not someone else.! I was fired up! If he would’ve said he did that before I added the tip on, that would’ve been fine, but he was trying to hide it from me. NOT A GOOD THING!

Needless to say, he did NOT get the tip he was looking for.

He did come over and apologize and said that because all of the Europeans come over and never leave a tip, he automatically adds it on. I told him that was the most ludicrous thing I ever heard. A rip off is a rip off.

Well I wasn’t about to let that ruin my vacation. Just beware when you stop there on any of your Keys Vacations, it will cost you if you don’t watch out!

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