Keys Vacations

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Ahhh, the Florida Keys! A place where everyone wants to go at one point in their life. This blog is about vacationing in the Florida Keys, basking in the sunshine and how you can get there too.

Some of the things you will find on Keys Vacations:

  • Our Adventures as we drove from PA to Key West one wintry February vacation
  • Places to stay on a budget
  • Places to drink!
  • Things to do on a rainy day
  • What to watch out for
  • FAQ you didn’t know about the Florida Keys
  • How to plan your own vacation
  • Resources to get to the Keys
  • Amazon books and more to help you in your research

If you thought about getting to the Florida Keys, then you want to take a trip around this site, enjoy the stories and research that I’ve done to help your trip be better than ever. If you know of a place that I haven’t mentioned yet, please comment below.

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