Old Civil War Fort

Fl Keys – Things to do on a rainy day in Key West

Even on a rainy, drab day the waters were beautiful, at least in our eyes.Everywhere we looked in the Fl Keys seemed to be rainy and dreary but that didn’t stop us from going out and about to enjoy the town of Key West. The crowds had thinned down a bit which made it better for us to enjoy our first day in town.

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Florida Keys Vacation – What to see in Key West

We stumbled upon an old Civil War Fort when we were walking around the pet park off of White Street in Key West. So, we decided to walk inside and see what was going on and we find out The Key West Garden Club took over the Fort and had the most lush, beautiful gardens ever.  The fireplace you will see in the video below is gigantic! My husband commented that he didn’t understand why they would need a big old fireplace in Key West but my thoughts are that back in the days of the Civil War, that was how they cooked.  Here is the lush gardens:

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