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When I was doing my blog post on the Key Deer I found the No Name Pub. I have not been to it when we were in the Keys, but I find the history of this bar so interesting that I just knew you would want to know more about it too. So I find out that back in the 30′s it was a general store and bait and tackle shop, which makes sense as we are talking about the Florida Keys here. Then the owners added a small room onto the main structure and it became an eatery, and the Pub was born.

Back in those days, in the 30′s the customers were from all parts of the world, coming in from the mainland on the Ferry. So it seemed the smart thing to do was to convert an upstairs storage area into a brothel! It only lasted for a little while as the saying went the fishermen were better looking than the ladies!

In the 40′s more and more travelers found the No Name Pub, and it became a place to hang out in the 50′s. The general store closed and it was 100% a bar and eatery as it quickly became the Keys hangout. They put No Name in front of the sign that already had Pub written on it and so it became official. It became known as a honkey tonk of beer drinking and pool shooting and would get so smokey and crowded that the customers would have to go out in the back yard to play dice, craps and card games. It was rumored that the Sheriff ran the dice games so no one had to worry about getting raided!

The 70′s and 80′s were the rowdiest times in the No Name Pub’s history. Back then there was a lot of illegal money passing through the Keys and people loved spending to excess. They even put it on the walls of the pub! Now, the rowdy days are over and tourists, travelers and locals alike can enjoy the quieter pub. I just think this wild side and a name with no name is in fact a part of the Keys history that makes it so unique. I hope you enjoyed this fun story.

Here is a video of the inside of the No Name Pub with the walls covered in MONEY.

Did you know there is an old Civil War Fort in Key West?

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