Vacation in the Keys-The craziness on Duval Street

whistlebar 300x225 Vacation in the Keys The craziness on Duval Street

We left our hotel fairly early and went down to Duval Street during our vacation in the Keys. It was maybe noon and there were some people buzzing around but it was quiet for the most part. For the time being!  Duval Street is located in Old Town, Key West where people come for the shops, the food, and the craziness. Oh, and to see if they can do the Duval Crawl!

Duval Street has lots of bars, on both sides of the street, on 2nd floors, tucked in alleys and behind other bars!  Theory has it you must start at one end, visit every bar for a drink and by the time you are done you will be doing the Duval crawl! Some say they can finish in hours, others say it could take up to two weeks! We didn’t attempt it on our vacation in the keys, but we did get a kick out of this guy at the Irish Pub!

I didn’t hear what he was told to do, but he clearly wasn’t paying attention to what the announcer told him! Watch this:

And this was early afternoon!

The Bull and Whistle bar is the photo at the top of the page. Now let me tell you about this place! The bar itself is pretty quiet and has a loud band if you like loud music. It also has a second floor and seems to be busier there. Now if you are into clothing optional, you can go to the top floor, where they have a tanning facility called the Garden of Eden. I was told this and I can’t validate it, but some say that it is a scary place!

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